Thank you for your interest in the Art Shay Postcard Club!

We hope to continue on the spirit of Art Shay’s love of photography as a means of telling a story.

Dreamed up a cold Wisconsin evening, the Art Shay Postcard Club is a mail art project combining a love for Art Shay’s work and a love of postcards. We also hope to raise funds to help digitize more of the Art Shay Photo Archive.

Please enjoy our selections for the Art Shay Postcard Club!


For pristine condition photographic prints, please visit our knowledgeable gallerists - Monroe Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico - and - Victor Armendariz Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

For image usage rights of any Art Shay photos, please contact


Photos on this website are scans made from Art Shay’s 1967 black and white negatives which he shot for the making of the book “What Happens When You Mail a Letter.”


Please contact us and let us know your thoughts!

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The Art Shay Postcard Club is a joint project between Art Shay Archive & Art Archive Press LLC


“You can’t expect other people to share your enthusiasm.” Art Shay